We offer a range of steel fabricated products at affordable prices.

Fabrication is the term given to a number of processes used to create structures from various metal materials including plate, formed metal, tube stock, and cast metals. Some of these processes (all services offered by Nicholls Steel) are listed below:

  • Welding (MIG/TIG/ARC)
  • Coded welding
  • Structural Fabrications
  • In beams, columns, PFC,
  • Hollow sections, angles & flats
  • Saw cutting
  • Section rolling

Almost every industry requires fabricated parts somewhere along the line, no matter what the size. Because of this, Nicholls Steel is regularly involved with numerous commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural projects.

The process usually starts with a technical drawing that includes specifications, dimensions and tolerances. Once a drawing has been supplied, one of our design engineers will decide the best way to create the finished product based on the client requirements.

Over the years our knowledge and expertise has grown from working on an array of steel projects across various industries throughout the Midlands and Nationally. By understanding the unique challenges presented in every project, we are able to ensure the best possible outcomes for our customers.

We use a cutting-edge combination of human touch and machine automation to deliver the highest quality steel fabrication parts to our clients. We make it our mission to exceed expectations at all levels.

For further information please contact our sales office on 0121 553 5246 for a fast, professional and cost-effective service for all your steel requirements.